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Norwich Dragons (5s) 10 - Beccles 1

18th September 2021

It was great to be back on the pitch and actually have a game, after such a long absence. The heat made the first game of 2021 that much harder to endue, however, we did have 14 players so roll on and off subs, gave us all time to help recover! With our long-standing goalie, Lorraine Greenwood, standing down after nearly 30 years, Lesley Hutchings, a recent new member, put on the kit having not done so for a good many years, and she did a sterling job. Dragons were undoubtedly the better side, well organised and fitter, but as always, Beccles never gave up and continued to fight for every ball. Soon into the first half, Dragons went ahead, and scored 3 more goals before half time. However, unexpectedly the second half started well for Beccles, and following a free hit just outside the D, Jodie Sharp took the ball to the goal line and sent a perfect ball across the goal, where Hannah Devine was waiting on the post, and on her debut, put the ball away to put Beccles on the scoresheet! Norwich Dragons, also had subs to call on, and they continued to press the Beccles defence even more in the second half. Despite all Beccles’s hard work, and with lots of attempts thwarted, Dragons got the ball in the goal, 6 times in this half. This was a valiant effort by the team - Lesley, Sara, Mandy, Tina, Danie, Ruth, Hannah R, Emma, Jodie, Siobhan, Gemma, Debbie, Hannah D and Abi.


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