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Beccles 2 v North Norfolk 2nds 4

Saturday 13th November 2021

I know this is often said, but this was such a great game, and Beccles played so well with everyone, (except maybe the 2 younger members) being totally exhausted at the end! Even the opposition looked tired, so Beccles must have given them a tough game! Beccles struggled to get a full team again this week, after having to concede their previous match, but thankfully Siobhan Dade and Ruth Swann managed to play a full game despite illness/injury and this really did make a big difference to the game. The North Norfolk team were very good at distributing the ball, and they had two very good players, who were a big asset. The visitors went ahead after 11minutes and had added two more goals within 24 minutes of the game so were 0-3 up. However, Beccles got it back to 2-3 firstly when Karen Ingate picked up a loose ball from a penalty corner, sent it straight to Jodie Sharp positioned on the post, and she slotted it in. Then 4 minutes later Jodie Sharp sent the ball into the D where the unmarked Debbie Mann shot it past the keeper, making the half time score 2-3. Second half Jodie had to leave but Sharon made her debut for the club and settled in really well in defence and she really enjoyed it. North Norfolk scored one more goal in the 2nd half and despite Beccles best efforts, the game finished 2-4. Tina moved up to centre mid, and did a fantastic job, in a very demanding position. Hannah Devine had a brilliant game receiving the ball well from the defence every time then pushing forward. Karen Ingate also had a great game in midfield making space and distributing the ball well. Everyone ran their heart out and even though no points were earned, it was a very enjoyable hard-fought game and an excellent team performance!

Team: Lesley, Ruth, Mandy, Siobhan, Tina, Ali, Jodie, Karen, Hannah, Ellie, Debbie and Sharon

Report Supplied by Debbie Mann


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