Herlings 3 - Beccles 1

17th October 2020

This was one of the games in division 1 where Beccles had a good chance of gaining some points, but with only 10 players available this week, it was a tough ask. Fortunately, Hannah Roberts was home from Uni, otherwise it would have been quite a different game with only 9!

Herlings took the lead straight away with an easy goal, but they did not increase their lead until well into the 1st half with a well executed shot. Again, everyone upped their game, as the defence came under increasing pressure. Sara Grant, Mandy Kirby Marie Seymour and Tina Twitchett all played exceptionally well, battling hard throughout the game. Beccles felt that given the chance, they could trouble the Herlings defence, and they did create a few opportunities, but could not capitalise on them.

Herlings scored again in the 2nd half, going 3-0 up, after Beccles defence had fought hard to clear the ball. Beccles were rewarded for their hard work, when in the D, Gemma Powell beat her marker to get the ball to Debbie Mann, whose powerful shot managed to get past the keeper, despite the keeper getting a touch to it. Final score 3-1 to Herlings.

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