Norwich Dragons (6) 1 - Beccles 3

26th September 2020

It was great to be allowed back on the pitch even if the first game of the season should have been played the week before; the league had not received the go ahead regarding Covid19 from England Hockey, so the first game was played a week later against Norwich Dragons 6th team.

It was brilliant to have so many players wanting to play, and Beccles were able to field a team of 13 players. We welcomed Helen Hopley, (who had helped out on occasions last season) and Emma Johnson, to the club. Danie Riches kindly agreed to have a go at playing in goal, something she had not done before, and she did a great job!

Beccles always have an enjoyable, well matched game against Dragons and this game was no exception. Team: Danie, Mandy, Tina, Ruth, Marie, Emma T, Jodie, Ali, Helen, Debbie, Gemma, Felicity and Emma J. All the goals came in the first half, with the Beccles goals coming from Debbie Mann, Jodie Sharp and Ruth Swann, and the final score was 1-3 to Beccles. So, this was a very good start both in terms of winning and enjoying t

he great game of hockey!

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